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Sunday, November 21, 2004

Welcome to the Loxly Blog

We have a variety of interests and will cover a variety of topics, so if you are looking for a focused blog, this probably isn't the place to read!!!

What's Loxly? It is a mythical place, my son and I chose the name for our Maine Coon Cattery several years ago, because we needed a name that was short, easy to remember, and for us it created a "theme". Our first stud male was named Rothkoons Robin of Loxly, your cattery name gets appended to the end of your cat's name when you get them from another breeder.

So since it sounds catchy and is easy to remember, I started using the handle "loxly" on message boards and such, created a Loxly Marketplace and Loxly Photography Gallery to go along with it. In my quest to create the perfect photography gallery online, I have developed many online skills, delved into affiliate marketing and now have a variety of websites online that mostly focus on cats, pet care, crafts and collectibles.

In the coming weeks I hope to share my insights into affiliate marketing, fundrasing, ecommerce, photography, cats, writing novels and marketing screenplays and scripts. There will be some trials and tribulations to share as well.

Loxly should be a fun and interesting place to visit, so bookmark us and visit often!