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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Cool new way to make pages from CafePress XML feed

Ok, so you all have problems posting javascript code in your blogs and myspace and squidoo and a zillion other places and javascript isn't seo friendly anyway SO since I have been an affiliate for several years and know what the biggest tool was that helped ME make a lot of pages over those years....

The CP Page Creator is now live:

This handy dandy tool will take the keyword you enter and your pid and allow you to set some variables (if you wish) and create a nice neat table of html code that will show or not show a variety of things. You can refine your search to include/exclude things and in the end if you have a page with a dozen products you like and one you DON'T, its a table, you take out what you don't want shown... it totally works off the XML, so cannot show products, and can't limit by shop, but it shows designs and you can choose to show the link to the leakfree green branded shops or not, product descriptions, or not, product titles, or not, the search page with the products the design is on, or not, and open the links in a new browser window, or not.

Be sure to scroll all the way down past the cut and paste box to see additional pages of products, plus two drop boxes that have your keyword PLUS addional recommended keywords OR the second box has links to other suggested keywords.

Go forth and multiply your html .... spread seo friendly pages all over the web...

Look down the page, those posts were made with this tool!!!!


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