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Monday, June 19, 2006

Sheer Power

The power of that wave could drag a person out to sea very quickly.  People didn't stay close to the surf once they felt that wrap their ankles (or legs) just ONCE.

More photos of the Pacific surf at Cabo San Lucas

Fauvist painting style for a change of pace

I like this guy/gal.  It looked at me long enough to capture the picture that this painting is made from.  See more of my wacky Fauvist animal art here.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Primrose lilac (gothic painting) with a roaming spider

Gothic Primrose Lilac with a Spider wandering on it

Primrose lilacs are one of the only truly bright yellow lilacs.  They are stunning when a bush is in full bloom.  The gothic paiting filter deepens the yellow and the shades of light and dark make this an outstanding image to me.

Dark gothic painting style victorian lilacs

Callot Lilac Variety - photo and digital art by ... me :)


Roses Sketches

I am supposed to pick my favorites and only share those.  Well, I like most everything I do so here are some for you to enjoy if you wish:

From this section:

Colored Sketches of Roses

Watch out for the lilacs and cats coming soon, I like most of my lilac art and all of my cats :) and then there is NYC and Red Rock Canyon... and Cabo San Lucas....